Armed Forces & Emergency Service

We understand that there’s a real demand placed on today’s armed forces and emergency service to look after the health and wellbeing of their personnel. 
The quality of the fitness facilities you provide is vitally important and therefore there has never been a better time to invest in your units fitness provision.
It is for this reason Newbody Fitness has for more than 18 years been providing fitness solutions to the military and emergency services throughout the UK. Our specialist knowledge and experience of the sector will ensure that your facility will be the right fitness solution for your unit. 
Our Armed & Emergency Services customers include:
  • British Transport Police – Counter Terrorism Unit
  • The British Territorial Army
  • Warwickshire Fire Service
  • West Midlands Police
For more information on how Newbody Fitness can support your unit, please contact us.
By working together we can help you improve the fitness of your elite fighting force as well as exceeding your operational training and rehabilitation targets.
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