Overseas & Offshore

Many companies that operate sites outside of the UK are now installing fitness facilities at these locations.
A well designed facility will not only help maintain the health and welfare of your workforce but will also go a long way to elevate the "boredom factor" that sets in when working away from home for long periods of time at remote locations.

It is for this reason Newbody Fitness has for more than 18 years been providing fitness solutions for this sector. Our specialist knowledge, contacts and experience will ensure that the facility you provide for your workforce will be the right solution for your specific needs. 
For more information on how Newbody Fitness can help, please contact us.
By choosing Newbody Fitness you will be dealing with experienced professionals, with a real understanding and passion for what they do and because we're independent and not tied to any one manufacturer or supplier you will also be getting the very best advice on the products and services that are right for you.
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